Presentation and discussion: Freedom Hospital

On tuesday, June 20th, we will be hosting a presentation and discussion of the graphic novel „Freedom Hospital“. The event takes place at 8 pm at Buchladen Le Sabot, Breitestraße 76, 53111 Bonn.
The presentation by Hamid Sulaiman as well as the discussion will be held in English.

Half a million people dead, countless injured and millions on the run – that is the temporary balance of the Syrian civil war. The striking pictures of the unusual graphic novel, Freedom Hospital, by
Hamid Sulaiman let us understand a little of what lies hidden behind the news from a land from which so many people come to us.
Hamid Sulaiman’s evocative novel reflects the complexity and disruption in Syrian society. The black and white, highly expressive images, which caused a furore when shown in different exhibitions in Europe in 2016/17, make the human side of Syrian reality immediately perceptible.

Hamid Sulaiman, born 1986 in Damascus, studied architecture and worked as a painter and illustrator. He fled Syria in 2011 and has lived since then in Paris. He is currently on an artist’s residency in Bonn. His work is shown internationally and has been awarded prizes. Freedom Hospital is his first book and was published in German at the end of January.

This presentation is organized by Refugees Welcome Bonn e.V. and the department for political education of the General Students’ Committee of the University of Bonn.

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